What Artificial Grass is Best for Your Pooch?

Pet ownership has increased dramatically over the past few years in the Philippines, which placed second in the list of countries with the fastest increase of dog and cat populations from 2007 to 2012. Although pet overpopulation continues to be a public concern, programs and policies are being developed to improve the standard of care of animals, and without a doubt, Pinoys are well aware of the importance of providing care (including a sound diet, and regular exercise) to their pets. For those who are busy and only have time to walk their dogs a couple of times a day, having a garden in tip-top condition is key. Dogs love rolling in the grass and playing active games in the cooler hours of the day. One trend that is taking over many homes across the globe, is artificial grass. The latter is a great choice for homes with pets because it reduces the chances of bites and other maladies. However, if you are thinking of making the switch, it is important to keep the following considerations in mind.


Anti-Microbial Artificial Grass Promotes Hygiene

Soil can house dangerous parasites such as giardia, which can cause severe diarrhea in dogs. Many pet owners are attracted by artificial grass precisely because it lends itself to easier, more thorough cleaning. There are various types of fake grass, sold at vastly differing prices. This purchase should be seen as an investment in your pet’s health. Look into blades with anti-microbial technology, which will reduce the chance of infection in pets and humans.


Ease of Cleaning

When choosing fake grass for your garden, avoid brands with ‘odor control infills’, which clog blades and block drainage during cleaning. Artificial grass should be very easy to clean with just a hose and, on occasion, a little soap. You don’t want suds clogging in blades and being chewed on my your pooch later. Also, do research into the structure of blades. Y-shaped blades are optimal because they keep the surface cooler. This will ensure your pup’s paws aren’t burned.


Softness is Key

One of the reasons dogs love rolling in wet grass, is its softness. Avoid hard plastic blades. They not only look fake, but can potentially scratch your dog or even cause corneal abrasions. Blades should be gentle yet also sturdy enough to keep poop up the top of the blade. You should pick up poop daily in a garden with artificial grass; however, if blades are too soft, poop can fall between them and be harder to spot. 

Artificial grass is an ideal way to keep your dog happy, yet to reduce the time you spend cleaning and disinfecting your garden. Fake grass also means you don’t need to use fertilizers and bug repellents, which can be toxic to your pets. When shopping for your new front or backyard, make sure to take the time to select turf that looks natural and boasts a beautiful soft texture your dog will love snoozing on, beneath the cool shade of his favorite tree.

— Contributed by Jackie Phillips

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