How to make new year safe for your pets

Ushering in the new year is a great time for us pet parents.  This is usually accompanied by fireworks, parties, alcoholic beverages, friends and family members, and other cheerful activities.  What some pet parents fail to realize is that these exciting activities can be stressful to our furry babies, most especially since they are used to a routine and a calm environment.

Here are some tips on how you can make the new year safe for your furry babies:

  • Check them in at a pet hotel. Every pet parent should have a trusted pet hotel where they can leave their furry babies anytime they have to. Pet hotels are the perfect place where your dogs or cats can “check-in” during these times of the year.  They will be with their own peers and, even if they are not used to other furry babies, seeing other dogs or cats will make them comfortable during this extremely loud night.  (Tip: Pet hotels quickly become full for new year. Make sure you reserve in advance.)
  • If you can’t check them in a pet hotel and decide to bring them with you to a party, first inform your host. (That’s just good manners.)Second, bring your dog/cat’s favorite blanket, pillow and toys.  These are some of the items that can relieve him of his stress when it gets too much for him. Third, make sure you have a “safe place” where your furry baby can go to anytime in the night. It can be a spare room, bathroom, etc., where you can put his kennel or carrier and blanket there.
  • Be careful that your pets don’t have access to any alcoholic beverages.  We know it sounds ridiculous, but party guests can sometimes spill drinks.  And when it doesn’t get mopped up quickly, your furry baby might be the one cleaning it up.  Trust us, you don’t wanna welcome the new year in a vet clinic.

  • Decorations, torotots and other party accessories might be fun for us and will look interesting to your furry babies.  Just remember that these are potential choking hazards.  So please put them in safe places.
  • One thing that we must always remember during the new year is that our furry babies’ sense of hearing is so much more sensitive than ours.  There’s a tendency for parties to beccome loud, most especially during the countdown with the fireworks. This can cause unbearable stress to our furry babies. Please ensure that they have a safe, quiet space where they can come and stay away from the noise.  Other experts recommend playing a song days in advance of the new year and gradually increasing its volume until your furry baby gets accustomed to it.  You can then hide them in a room — away from the fireworks and noise — and play the same music.
  • Keep human food away from your furry babies. Remember, some human food is dangerous to our furry babies.
  • Before the festivities start, make sure you play and spend time with your furry babies.  Take them for a long walk.  Play with them at the park.  Have them groomed and let them run around (supervised, of course!).  This way, they will be tired at night and will go to sleep quickly.
  • Another important thing to keep in mind — which should go without saying, but we will anyway — is to keep your dogs or cats INSIDE your homes. Make sure your gates are closed and when the fireworks start and they get scared, that they have no chance of running out of the house.
  • Also, make sure that you don’t react “excitedly” to the fireworks.  Your reaction will also determine your furry babies’. So keep it cool and keep on playing with your furry babies as if nothing out of the ordinary is going on.
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