Essential Oils best for Dogs

The rise of Essential Oils in the country has caused a lot of confusion in pet parents if they may be inadvertently harming their furry babies.

So we’ve done the leg work and compiled a list of Essential Oils that’s good and not so good for our pets.

Essential Oils that’s good for your pets:

  • Lemongrass Oil
    • We’re a huge fan of this essential oil. We always use this in our branches, because not only is this beneficial to our dogs, it kills repels ticks and fleas and mosquitoes! Just add a couple of drops to a spray bottle, top it off with water and you can spray it all over your house to give it a refreshing scent AND you can spray it on your furry babies coat and massage thoroughly. It will also improve their skin’s condition.
  • Citronella Oil
    • Here’s another essential oil that repels tick and fleas and mosquitoes. Especially during the mosquito season, we spray our furry babies with this to help repel these insects. Remember, mosquitos cause heartworms.
  • Lavender Oil
    • One of the most versatile of essential oils, Lavender oil creates a sense of calm and harmony on dogs and their parents. It also helps with allergies and insomnia. A study in 2006 found that using lavender essential oil on dogs reduced their movement and vocalization during travel. So if you know that your dog will be stressed, try lavender to calm them.
  • Cedarwood, also known as Cedar Oil
    • This is a powerful oil that repels and kills pests like ticks and fleas. It also has several benefits like being a good antiseptic for the lungs and expectorant for coughs.  It’s a good oil to combat kennel cough! Plus, it promotes circulation and is great for ageing dogs as it resolves stiffness.  Like lavender, it’s also a great oil to keep our pets calm and helps lessen anxiety.  This is a great oil to use especially when you’re leaving your dog as it eases separation anxiety.
  • Frankincense Oil
    • There has been several studies as to how Frankincense helps cancer patients and reduces tumors and skin ulcers. This is a great oil to strengthen your household’s immune system.
  • Cardamom Oil
    • Cardamom Oil has great respiratory benefits. It can also help with digestive issues.  It helps maintain optimal gastrointestinal balance, ease digestion and calm upset stomach.  Being a “milder” oil, cardamom is generally believed to be safe for kids and pets.
  • Spearmint Oil
    • Spearmint oil is known to help with weight loss in your dogs and address issues such as diarrhea. It also promotes better metabolism and stimulates the bladder.


Important Notes:

  • Make sure you dilute your essential oils before using them on your pets. 1:50 is a safe ratio (1 drop of essential oil to 50 drops of carrier oil).
  • Note though that like everything else, we need to use these essential oils in moderation and keep on observing our pets to ensure that there are no negative effects.
  • Each pet reacts differently and therefore, it’s best to consult your vet before undertaking anything.


If you want to order Young Living Essential Oils, which is what we use on Pepito, send us a message and we’ll help you!

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