The Dog Spa reached 16,000 “likes” in less than a year for one genuine reason: we love our dogs as much as our customers love theirs.

In 2009, James adopted his first puppy, a feisty Pomeranian named Pepito who instantly stole his heart. Months later, Eric got his own lovable Pomeranian pup, Urvashi. We wanted to be the best parents we could be, so we browsed every dog grooming center and pet supply store in the metro. Unfortunately, we were never completely satisfied. Poor Pepito was subjected to bad haircuts, smelly baths, and even mishandling. We’ve swapped crazy stories with fellow dog lovers who have wasted their money on less than equipped and capable grooming centers and have fallen prey to bad quality dog food and supplies.

Like most dog owners, we found ourselves going to different spots around Manila for different dog needs – a separate grooming center in the neighborhood, a dog food shop located miles away, and a pet supply store in another city. We kept asking ourselves, “Where can we find an all-in-one, one-stop dog store that suits our needs?”

Then it finally hit us: why not put up our own all-in-one, one-stop dog grooming and supply store? After months of intensive research and planning, The Dog Spa was born. Our first branch in Ortigas Extension was established in October 2010 and it was everything we wanted it to be. Instead of thinking like businessmen, we thought like customers. We constantly ask ourselves “What would we want for our beloved dogs?” Then we add them up to The Dog Spa’s list of products and services.

We sell affordable, high-quality dog supplies and products that we ourselves would buy for our prized pooches – from organic brands to commercial alternatives. Our groomers have at least five years’ experience in handling dogs, and we even made sure that all our employees are dog owners and pet lovers themselves. We provide training for all our groomers so that they will be updated on the new developments like dyeing dog hair, pawdicure, etc. That’s why you can be sure we’re real hands-on experts in grooming today.

We keep our lounges comfortable for both dogs and dog owners with our extra-snug couches. All our stores are designed based on research. We talked to international dog experts, dog trainers, behavioral researchers in Australia and the US to determine the best approach and layout. We researched on the facilities we should have, the pet cleaning solutions we use, up to the colors of the walls. Our store’s color scheme of blue and yellow is based on psychological dog research proven to keep dogs relaxed. We use lemongrass aromatherapy oil for the room because it’s not only good for neutralizing doggie odors, but also for the dog’s wellbeing and the owner’s.

We’re also on Facebook and we have about 16,000 “likes”! Here we interact with our friends and customers everyday. We instantly answer their questions from emergency consultations to basic pet queries. We swap dog stories, “like” each other’s dog photos, and update each other on dog events and other developments in the pet industry.

Years down the line, we’ve expanded our operations to key cities in the metro, where the updated amenities and services are mostly based on the suggestions of our loyal customers – and we’re slowly looking for more places where dog-lovers and their beloved furry babies want us to be.

Drop by one of our branches and see for yourself why we’re the most liked dog spa in the Philippines. We’d love to meet you and your dog!

Wooftastically Yours,

James and Eric


By the way, did you know that the names of our two adorable puppies Bella and Bonita were given by our beloved customers? Their parents Pepito and Nikita couldn’t have chosen a better name. We also have another pup named Urvashi with a playmate named Sofia.

What about you? What’s your dog story? Tell us all about in our Facebook page and we’ll help you make life more wooftastic for both you and your dog.

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