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Dangerous Foods for our Pets

As pet parents, we all know that we shouldn’t be sharing our human food to our furry babies. But sometimes, we can’t help ourselves, especially when they start looking at us with those puppy eyes.

To help us, we scoured the net and compiled a list of food that we humans consume but should never be shared with our furry babies:

Chocolate. Chocolates contain caffeine and theobromine, which is toxic to our furry babies. The rule in chocolates is, the darker it is, the more dangerous it is. That's not to say that white chocolates are good, but they have less theobromine than those bittersweet dark chocolates. Note that this includes cookies, brownies and other cocoa products.

Symptoms: Hyperactivity, Restlessness, Vomiting, Elevated heart rate, Hypertension, Abnormal heart rhythms, Tremors, Hyperthermia (elevated body temperature), Collapse, Death.


2. Avocado. Every part of this fruit is a big danger to our furry babies – Avocado leaves, fruit, avocadosseeds and bark should be avoided. They contain a toxin called persin.

Symptoms: Vomiting, Diarrhea, Lack of stool production


3. Alcohol.
While it may be a no-brainer that alcohol is bad for your furry babies, alcohol poisoning is more
common than you think! Fruitcakes, unbaked dough, beer, hard drinks, mixed drinks, etc., contain alcohol.

Symptoms: Drooling, Retching, Vomiting, Bloat, Elevated Heart Rate, Weakness, Collapse, Hypotension, Coma, Hypothermia, Death.


4. Bread Dough. Unbaked bread dough can be poisonous to our furry babies. When ingested, this expands bread dough
in their stomachs and can result in bloat. Also, when the yeast in the bread dough is fermented, it results in the production of carbon dioxide and alcohol. This form alcohol will easily be absorbed in the bloodstream and can quickly result in alcohol 

Symptoms: Drooling, Retching, Vomiting, Bloat, Elevated Heart Rate, Weakness, Collapse, Hypotension, Coma, Hypothermia, Death.


cherry-025. Cherry.
Cherry trees and shrubs, including black cherries contain cyanogenic glycosides. All parts of these plants are considered toxic. When ingested, this prevents the appropriate oxygen uptake by cells.
Symptoms: Dilated pupils, Difficulty breathing, inadequate oxygen levels, bright red gums, shock, death.
6. Currants, Grapes, Raisins.  These are very toxic to our furry babies. Even small amounts can raisins3xresult to severe kidney failure!
Symptoms: Vomiting, Diarrhea, Abnormal drinking or urination, Lethargy, Lack of appetite, Halitosis, Dehydration.
7. Moldy Food.  Be careful when our furry babies ingest anything from garbage cans as these may contain moldy food. Moldy foods contain toxins called tremorgenic mycotoxins.
Symptoms: Vomiting, Agitation, Walking drunk, Tremors, Seizures, Severe secondary hyperthermia.
8. Salt. Salt should not be used to induce vomiting in furry babies. Other sources of salt saltcan be found in the household: in homemade play dough, rock salt, paint balls, sea water, enemas or anything that contains sodium phosphate.
Symptoms: Vomiting, Diarrhea, Lack of Appetite, Lethargy, Walking drunk, Abnormal fluid accumulation, Excessive thirst or urination, Potential injury to the kidneys, Tremors, Seizures, Coma and Death.
9. Star Fruit. Star Fruit contain oxalic acid and oxalatesalts, which are toxic to our furry babies.
Symptoms: Drooling, Lack of Appetite, Lethargy, Diarrhea, Weakness, Tremors, Bloody Urine, Changes in thirst and Urination.
10. Xylitol. This natural, sugar-free sweetener is commonly found in chewing gums, mints and other food, like gelatin snacks. This can result to an acute, low blood sugar in a matter of 10-15 minutes, resulting to a severe liver failure.
Symptoms: Weakness, Lethargy, Collapse, Vomiting, Tremors, Seizures, Jaundice, Malaise, Black Tarry Stool, Coma and Death.
11. Onions and Garlic. All members of the onion family including shallots, contain compounds that damage our furry babies’ red blood cells. The effects of onions and garlic will only be apparent three to five days after consumption. This also means that adobo, or any dish sautéed in onions and garlic should be avoided.
12. Macadamia Nuts. Although Macadamia nuts are unlikely to cause death, it causes very uncomfortable symptoms. Our furry babies can develop weakness in their rear legs, may be in pain and have a low-grade fever.
Symptoms: Severe lethargy, Increased body temperature, Vomiting, Tremors, Joint Stiffness, Inability to Walk.

13. Apricot. The seeds, stems, and leaves of an apricot tree contain cyanide, which prevents oxygen uptake by cells.
Symptoms: Dilated pupils, Difficulty Breathing, Inadequate oxygen levels, Bright red gums, Shock and Death.
14. Mushrooms.  Generally speaking, mushrooms found in the supermarket are safe for your furry babies. However, they should only eat small quantities. Some dogs are even allergic to mushrooms so it’s best to abstain from giving them any.
Symptoms: Nausea, Drooling, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Abdominal Pain, Walking drunk, Depression, Tremors, Seizures, Organ Failure.
15. Corn on the Cob. Corn on the cob is not poisonous per se. However, it can cause intestinal blockage especially if your furry baby swallows the cob.
Symptoms: Vomiting, Loss of appetite, Absence of faeces, Diarrhea and Abdominal discomfort. 




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