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Dog Myths Clarified

There are several dog theories running around and for us pet parents, it can be confusing and frustrating finding out what's real and what's just an old wives' tale. Allow us to help clarify some of the most common dog myths --


Myth # 1. Table scraps are ok for Pepito. 

Nope. Table scraps are not okay; we can't seem to stress this enough. Human food should not
be given to our furry babies as they are not nutritionally sufficient.  Plus, dishes that are sauteed with garlic and onion and other spices are really bad for our furry babies. They contain compounds that damage our pet's red blood cells.  

Myth # 2. Dogs only eat grass when they're sick. 7173725141 19d50f9657 o

We remember panicking upon seeing Pepito eat grass all of a sudden.  Who hasn't heard this myth that its their "natural way of curing" themselves, or that it's their way of making themselves vomit?   But recent studies show that less than 25% of dogs who eat grass actually vomit and that less than 10% are actually sick.  There's also a study that shows that dogs actually like the taste of grass! So unless your grass is treated with hazardous chemicals or sprayed with fertilizers, don't fret when you see your furry baby munching on some greens. 


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Myth # 3. Pepito's nose is dry. That means he's sick!

There are several possible reasons why his nose is dry.  Having a dry nose does not necessarily mean he's sick, for instance, lying in the sun makes their noses dry. Or if they're stayed all night in a cold airconditioned room. Having a dry nose may also indicate dehydration.  If it's flaky, then it could be that he's sunburned. When checking his nose, check out if he has any mucus.  If so, it should be clear. Any color other than that, go check out a veterinarian. 


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Myth # 4. 
It's okay to leave Pepito inside the car as long as you crack the windows open.

Never, ever do this please.  Especially in our country where each day is almost a constant battle with the overwhelming heat, leaving your furry baby even for a few minutes inside a car is similar to putting him in an oven.


Myth # 5. It's okay to use my (human) soap and shampoo on Pepito.

A dog's pH balance is different than human skin.  We're more acidic compared to our furry babies. c208ca3c71f67eccd8ff925
 the shampoos made for us are intended to balance this acidity off.  So if we use our soaps and shampoos on our furry babies, we are actually damaging their skin.  This can result to an accumulation of bacteria, parasites and viruses.  What sometimes happens is because of this damage, the scent of our furry babies goes bad more quickly, so we'll end up washing them more with human soap/shampoo, causing further damage.  To avoid this, look for organic soap and shampoo specifically formulated for our furry babies.  We recommend using Pup Organics Soap and Shampoo amde specifically for our furry babies using natural glycerin.